House on North Fork

House on North Fork

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House on North Fork

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“House on North Fork” was awarded in SD (Space Design) Review '94, and received the Award of Honor from the New York Council Society of American Registered Architects, '97. It was featured in Amazing Vacation Homes, Travel Channel 2004

Surrounded by farms, this site is completely flat. The coastal climate exhibits a constantly changing sky. Due to the flag‐shaped lot, the house is set back in an open field. An "L"‐form, which simultaneously conveys a sense of openness and closure, was chosen as a device to magnify subtle variations in the landscape. A canopy "L" frames the view and draws the eye to the horizon, while it protects a sunny spot beneath. While one "L"‐wall creates a spinning movement in the guestroom, another in the living space creates a quiet dining corner. A large‐"L" and "floating" windows tempt us to climb the tower. The “L” also separates private spaces from the communal area. Composed in counterpoint, the "L"s weave a dwelling formation. Where protected areas are desired, amorphous and flexible walls and roofs cover the spaces between "L"‐forms. The house acts as one continuous flow of space with individualized corners, captured views, and clues to spaces beyond. A range of spatial experiences is fostered by exploring indoor/outdoor relationships of varying degrees of openness.

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