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A pool house for an existing residence. Wrapped with tall hedges, the site is in a coastal, residential area on eastern Long Island. The main house is a barn-like wooden building, approached from the north, opening only to the east and west yards. The east yard incorporates a Japanese-influenced, stone garden. The west yard is an open lawn surrounded by trees; a large deck attached to the house, and a swimming pool at the southern end of the yard. Having no openings on the south of the house, the south yard was a non-distinctive back yard. The owner wanted the pool house to be located in this yard where it could naturally become a crossing point for the entire outdoor space. Taking the micro context of the site, this project explores a device to generate “outdoor walking connections”.

Two accesses are located on the east and west ends of the pool house. The east access is composed of shady stone steps with a side lattice wall, extending to the east garden. The west access is an open wooden deck topped with a lattice canopy, facing the pool. The sequence from shadow to light continues in the pool house, corresponding to the linear path of a walker. The walking circulations are intertwined with directional views opening outward, allowing the walkers to rediscover destinations, interests, and visual connections in the yard.

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