House Yoshimura

House Yoshimura

n.yamada architect & associates
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House Yoshimura

n.yamada architect & associates as Architects

A plan for a two-family house built in a residential area about 20 minutes by car from the center of Miyazaki City. The eldest son of an elderly couple who originally lived in this area will return to his parents' house and live with his family, and the plan has begun. Due to the high cost, it is compact, but we planned it with each characteristic place in mind.

Child household
Children's families own campers and have outdoor hobbies such as camping. As a whole, The family wanted a parking lot for 3 private cars + 1 visitor, so I decided to reconsider the placement plan in the local automobile society. Considering placing a small camper in the yard on the south side, I adopted the image that the car itself has the function of a fence. The interior consists of a living room that expresses the shape of the house as it is and a private room, and we are thinking of creating a flow line that eases the narrowness of the body. Rawan Veneer and flexible board floors are used to incorporate the feel free of the camp into the living room interior. Delicate details are used for the joints and material switching parts.

Parent household
Toilet, washroom, bath comfort is desired and can be accessed from a private room (bedroom 01). It has sufficient barrier-free functions for elderly housing, including future support.It expresses the same shape as a the shape of the child's house, increases the space capacity to give room, and Some of Rawan Veneer materials  are incorporated into the parent's household.


Material Used:
1. Facade cladding: NIPPON STEEL .inc – Galvalume steel plate
2. Flooring01: CHIYODA – Flexible board
3. Flooring02: – Cedar flooring
4. Wall: Rawan Veneer
5. Windows01: LIXIL  -  SAMOS 2-H &
6. Windows02: make wooden windows
7. Roofing: NIPPON STEEL .inc – Galvalume steel plate
8. Interior furniture: MARUNI – Lightwood chair、Round table120

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Project Credits
Product Spec Sheet

Flexible boardChiyoda Ute Co. Ltd.
Lightwood chair、Round table120Maruni Wood Industry Inc.
Facade cladding - steel plateNippon Steel
Product Spec Sheet
Flexible board
Lightwood chair、Round table120
Facade cladding - steel plate
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