Iglesia de Obsidiana

Iglesia de Obsidiana

Parque Humano
Culiacan, Mexico


Iglesia de Obsidiana

Parque Humano as Architects

The Chapel evokes an obsidian stone, a material deeply rooted to the Mexican culture, whose beauty and mystery has fascinated its people throughout its history. The chapel returns to the will of being the foundation of a new community: the foundation stone, witch is not stone, but glass, made of ash, unavoidable reminder to be reborn in the light. The primary form invokes an upward motion, that as the observer moves around it provides unexpected forms. The pattern of the surface of the stone makes a reference to the sky, map and universal guide of humanity. The chapel was conceived as a single nave without side distractions. The transformation of the orthogonal walls by triangular walls evokes certain immateriality, emphasizing the intention of minimizing the massiveness of the building. The walkthrough provides continuity between the exterior and interior, creating the full integration between nature and worship space. The atrium located on the north side of the site (below the ship) is raised as a meeting point, it also serves as a protection from the heat of the sun and rain. From the atrium the ascending to the chapel occurs through a ramp on the east side, coming first to a courtyard that serves as a lobby open to the sky and horizon. Upon entering the chapel, our design intent was to generate a strong contrast: the texture of obsidian stone allows us to create a dense atmosphere, a place where darkness is the condition to appreciate the beauty of light. The indirect and diffuse light is the essential element of the chapel. The west wall as the cover have an inclination of 10 degrees, it dramatized the perspective of space, ending in an 18x18 vitral of stained glass that incorporates the natural landscape. Overseas, emerging from the atrium, the cross is present in the chapel by its shadow looming on the vitral, creating a deep dimension of space. Dos entradas de luz matizan y balancean la atmosfera tenue de la capilla, el vitral sur (detrás del coro) y el vitral ubicado en el costado poniente del volumen, generando un baño tenue de luz cambiante conforme al movimiento del sol. Two entries of light nuance and balance the atmosphere of the chapel, south stained glass, (behind the chorus) and the stained glass window located on the west side of the volume, creating a soft light bath changing as the movement of the sun.

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