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Dirk Weiblen

Innovation Lab - a bold blend of ideas and technologies


One of the biggest challenges for industries is keeping up with the pace of growth and innovation. China Resources Group is one of the largest Chinese conglomerates with a wide spread reach and a diversity of industries. 

Alongside Deloitte Greenhouse, they aim to provide specific training and perspectives to provoke new ways of thinking and sharing new information. We were challenged to organize this admittedly big vision…. in a limited space. Their new innovation lab is a bold blend of ideas and technologies.

Flow and flexibility were an imperative. The design needs to move with the people and concepts working inside it. Creating spatial generosity and flexibility – different kinds of partitions enable diverse group trainings and small workshop situations.

In search of a solution that reflects and inspires the mindset of future users, we inserted a volume that organizes the space with skin that folds, slides and extends outwards.

Aluminum sides open up to a futuristic interior data hub, the technology core of the project and energy center, a place where visitors can recharge. The space is a visual reminder of the creativity and innovation that follows an open mind and forward thinkers.  

Large touch screens and movable white boards on the surrounding walls augment creative workspaces. A range of furniture styles with flexible intention - workshop, data sharing or casual hangouts - are organized in colored areas keeps visitors in the flow of the space and its ideas. 

CR Lab is a place for the advancement and exploration of ideas, big and small. Intimate moments can be created through surrounding curtains that act as space minimizers or dividers.

The soft fabric act as a contrast amid the hard aluminium and screened sides. The lighting is set in linear acoustic ceiling, that married with the acoustic floor and perfect sealable doors, ensures moments of reflection and quiet. Engagement between visitor and space is encouraged straightaway via a playful interactive screen that houses a training program. A big and bold dotted wall that demands the attention of the campus visitors, inviting each guest to be a part of the experience, and the future it envisions. 

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