Internat, housing for disabled students

Internat, housing for disabled students

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Student Housing
Stijn Bollaert

Internat, housing for disabled students

Ipostudio as Architects

The residential complex is meant for children and teenagers with cognitive impairments; the students’ stay in the internat could last from short to long periods, depending on the needs of the different families. What affected the construction and addressed to the definition of a three level building has been the limitation of the available surfaceof the building-site.

Regarding the design layout, the building isdivided into two main parts: the first one is an L-shaped unit hosting the collective spaces and the second one is a two units hosting the residential spaces. The L-shaped space outlines the ‘house’ in relation to the school. In the meantime, the first level dialogues with the primary schools of Zonneweelde and forms a smooth transition to the three levels block.

On the functional side, the ground floor provides the collective areas and 3 single studios with private access. The 6 age groups are distributed all over the 3 floors of the 2 residential volumes, at the left and right sides of the collective areas allocated for the daily-living activities.

The students rooms and the residential spaces have been developed to confer flexibility to the internal layout in order to meet the specific requirements and to create anidentity.

The kitchen and a storeroom are located underground.

This collective residential-structure has been conceived for disadvantaged teenagers and in this regard it adopted a straightforward language with an elementary ratio among building geometrical elements; a functional clarity aimed to ease the usability of the structure; a clear distinction between the private and public areas; a general sobriety of the constructive solutions and materials choices adopted.

The only contrast is, finally, conferred to the change of materials of the L-shaped on the front of the building and the H-shaped volumes, respectively in red bricks the first and in white plaster the second.

The façade is characterized by some bow-windows apparently put without a specific order.

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