Jas and Elisa

Jas and Elisa

Atelier Vens Vanbelle
N/A, Belgium

Private Houses

Jas & Elisa

Atelier Vens Vanbelle as Architects

This design was determined by two factors: the plot is enclosed in other fields, and secondly there is the great Fertility of clients.

The plot is accessed via a small road. In this way, we go to an enclosed piece of land adjacent to the backs of the gardens of their neighbors. As the Flemish tradition dictates, all neighbors on the end of their property are a gazebo, which ensures that Hook plot overlooking many backs of garden sheds. In the design we have attempted to provide an answer to the facades also be seen as a kind of 'back' which is directed to neighboring plots. This translates into a volume that is on the ground only a few strategically chosen locations to open the parcel. The floor was almost completely kept closed. We created a number of small openings, so that from inside the gardens of the neighbors 'peeked' can be, but the glimpse from the gardens of the neighbors is destroyed. The light on the floor is provided by the roof form, which is in four parts-one for each wind-down. To the alienating of "back" force to what was decided at a japanese wallpaper pattern processing in the walls, the massiveness of the masonry volume break.

The clients also have a great love for children and cherish the desire to once a family with four children to have. But it seemed inappropriate for a house now with four children's rooms to be built when there were no children, so we went looking for an alternative. This translated into some "sleep box", the principle is very simple: we created on the first floor a large open space that can then be filled according to the then existing needs. Every time a child will recover will also recover a slaapbox. In this way, not only the construction budget over the years, but it is basically incidental even how many children will eventually come. Wardrobes and desk space for the sleeping boxes were removed and were on either side of the multipurpose room located. This brings great flexibility with them: the boxes are fitted with wheels, so that different configurations are possible. Alternatively, the residual space filled according to the needs of the moment (playroom, office space, etc.) The only permanent sleeping area is that of the parents, which is located on a mezzanine.

We also provide two staircases in the house so the floor / play area as an endpoint of the home will be experienced, but rather as a flow space.

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