Athens, Greece - Build completed in 2018
Kimberley Powell


Urban Soul Project as Architects

The concept of the jewelry store KAKURU is all about bringing the principles of the creator into architecture, into life. Design curves, inspiration from nature and materiality, all in an organic and gravityless space that highlights the creations, not by contrast, but by inclusion and coherence instead: design offers the appropriate environment for KAKURU creations, while the contrast is restricted on color tones and material combinations at the display areas.

The site is a very small, double-storey space, laying on the historical center of Athens, on a picturesque pedestrian street with a lot of commercial activity, next to an arcaded alley. The shop front and its displays are adjusted to the eyelevel, according to which way one reaches the store, since the alley is higher before connecting via steps with the pedestrian level. Therefore there are both vertical and horizontal display cases in both sides of the shop front and in all possible heights.

Olive wood, bronze and green marble, are the main jewelry materials. There is a vivid, vibrant green color that dominates the design composition, reflecting the extensive use of marble in the jewels. Almost all metal surfaces are colored in green. Additionally, the terrazzo floor, which is divided in sections by bronze metal stripes, also has pigments of green stone that refer to the material.

Polished natural wood gives the necessary natural tone, while white marble and grey/brown fabric contrast ideally the pendants on the displays. Large mirrors -mounted, hanging, rotating- create depth, illuminate surprising views around the interior and conclude this spatial interpretation of KAKURU creations.

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