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Product Spec Sheet
Rocky Vinci 302
Linear Light Carril
by Luxion
Stone Countertop

KAPO _Patio 24

Bruta Arquitetura as Architects

Kapo is a beauty salon located in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The project for the company's new headquarters had the principle of preserving the brand's identity. We use elements, colors and materials already present in the old headquarters to make people feel familiar with the new location.


The Kapo Patio 24 project features a 6 meter high ceiling, concrete block walls and ribbed slab. The project's strategy was to create 3 levels for the distribution of services and thus multiply the spaces. The ground floor, in addition to the reception, contains 2 living rooms divided by 2 Triandas palms that fill the environment and lead the look to the ribbed slab with illuminated buckets. The hairdressing stands on this level are next to the wooden panel and the barbers have elongated mirrors that multiply the space and the green of the trees.

The wooden panel forms a volume that houses the stock and the team's rest area, access to this area is through a side door mimicking the panel. When climbing the metal staircase, we reach the top of the wooden volume where there are more hairstyling benches and washbasins. On the next level are the makeup stands, manicures and a massage room. The strategy of dividing the space vertically by creating mezzanines frees the central span and allows visual connection between all levels.

The large showcase allows the environment to receive natural light making a harmonious composition with the lighting project in partnership with Studio Fos. The choice of straight line luminaires makes the precise marking for workbenches.The iron mesh that makes up the facade functions as a permeable plane that connects the interior and exterior. The element plays by opening gaps that dialogue with the living area, creating benches and the background structure for the company logo.

The choice of materials such as concrete, granite, marble and rebar makes a counterpoint to wood, leather and vegetation, bringing balance between the raw and the organic to create a welcoming, stripped and functional environment. Pure and elegant, the color palette that makes up the space emphasizes the professionalism of the team and contributes to the creation of a welcoming and uncluttered environment.

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Offenburg, Germany - Build completed in 2020
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