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At the Kinderkunsthaus children of all ages, as well as adults, can let their creativity run free and paint, print and build in all colors and shapes.


Therefore, the space has been designed in such a way that it consciously take back and act like a white canvas, in front of which the children develop freely and their work can become a piece of art. A small shop, where children's books and artists' accessories can be purchased, leads to the workshop, which is flooded with light thanks to the large window front. There is a cartoon and photo studio, a reading corner and large tables to work on. In the basement are a wood and ceramic workshop located. Especially the choice of materials and surfaces - black steel, coated concrete floor, exposed brickwork - underline the character of a studio. Through the usage of Art Nouveau tiles, doors and partitions in the style of the turn of the century, reference was made to the historic preservation of the building.


Complemented with lovingly selected vintage furniture and lamps, heavy-duty shelves and many small works of art, the former shop becomes a place where young and old can feel comfortable and live out their creativity.

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