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Photography by Robert Rieger. Courtesy of Kerim Seiler
Product Spec Sheet

Bar stoolsAtelier Haussmann
Colored sofa and pedestal ROCHE BOBOIS
Concrete vase at the entranceStudio Eyrich
Brown leather sofa on the stageVintage De Sede

Product Spec Sheet
Bar stools
Colored sofa and pedestal
Concrete vase at the entrance
Brown leather sofa on the stage

KINK Bar & Restaurant

KINK as Client

A restaurant, bar and in-house culinary laboratory, KINK Bar & Restaurant opens in a restored industrial building, nested in the sociocultural centre Pfefferberg, host to various galleries, artist studios and event venues. Building on its vast adaptive space and eight-meter-high ceiling, KINK brings together contemporary art, modular design and world gastronomy, to offer a both multifaceted and deeply personal visitor experience.


Sustaining a constant dialogue with contemporary art and design, the wide room is reinvested through a selection of contemporary installations and works presented throughout the restaurant and bar. At its core, suspended from its high ceiling, Swiss contemporary artist Kerim Seiler’s Spaceknot(Pfefferberg) – a large-scale site-specific work consisting of over 100 meters of red neon tubes – elegantly loops through the space. Rethinking the void “as his canvas,” the artist transforms what appears to be a two-dimensional twisted knot into a multi-dimensional space-embracing sculpture. The contrasting glow of its interconnected segments plays with the architectural scale of the room, thereby creating an all-inclusive immersive atmosphere. 


In constant conversation with the work, the post-industrial atemporal setting combines classic and vintage elements with contemporary design features and objects. Separated into three spaces – a vast main room, a gallery and a window-enveloped “Glashaus” – the different levels allow for distinct functions and ambiances. The vast room fans out from its focal point, the central open kitchen and bar designed by Berlin studio Hidden Fortress combined with sitting areas as a single overlapping, merged space for staff and visitors alike. 


Deploying the height of the room, the side mezzanine looks out onto the lower floor, revealing German artist Philipp Emanuel Eyrich’s wall-embracing metalwork, in dialogue with Berberlin handcrafted rugs, inspired by North African Berber culture, and a set of Roche Bobois signature modular Mah Jong sofas. Upon entering from the surrounding beer garden – Berlin’s second oldest dating from 1850 – and through the 19th-century French wing doors, the resulting space breaks from the rules of formal spatial disposition, taking down barriers and encouraging visitors’ experimentation with – and experience within – the space.


Located in a former mid-19th century brewery, Pfefferberg was founded in 1990 as an initiative from local residents, bringing together social, cultural and commercial activities – the latest addition being KINK, hosting a year-long programme of concerts, dance and theatre performances and a variety of multidisciplinary events. Reinvesting the decaying site, Pfefferberg’s, and KINK’s, vision is deeply related to the immediate vicinity of Prenzlauer Berg, an area of the city long divided by the Berlin wall, where lingering sentiments of segregation and displacement are reflected in the urban structure and architectural landscape.


Pfefferberg connects a variety of spaces, from artists’ studios including Olafur Eliasson and galleries such as Aedes Architekturforum, to concert and dance halls. Both rooted yet relieved from this historical legacy, KINK acts as a sociocultural space for healing, reconstruction, and discovery – its very name embodying a combination of bliss, “and a touch of nonsense,” as described by founders Oliver Mansaray and Daniel Scheppan.


KINK Bar & Restaurant’s spacious bar area, lofty gallery and private dining room also welcome a cultural programme ranging from electronic, house and disco DJs to classical music performances, and a monthly Lab Day hosted by the bar manager and chef inviting guests to discover and share culinary ideas.

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