Private Houses
Porquera de los Infantes, Spain - Build completed in 2006


Estudio Castillo Oli as Architects

We started with an industrial space, a dilapidated building whose current use might well be devoted to storage. And it is this aspect of ruin which start the origin of this project. Perhaps from Ruskinian views, and relatively speaking, the only value charged by the existing building was precisely because of its dire state, actually fully restored by conventional standards losing the attractiveness which stemmed from his impending doom . So we set the challenge of living in a ruined project. The action should move subtly in rough spaces, with seemingly minimal intervention, where only appreciate the hand of the mason, and against the existing, add important elements of material significance evidenciase precariousness of the already built.

The court takes on the aspect of engawa when the facade that separates it from the closed area becomes permeable and leaves certain structural elements discourse through. The floor inside is beyond the limit of the glass facade and a large door on the ground floor fully connects with the interior space. Thus the outer space part of the interior space, breaking the formal perception inside-out.

In the case of our intervention materials needed to fill the space, thus avoiding the risk of seeing it contaminated by foreign elements. Required texture, depth and presence, even in the glass walls of the material comes to acquire density. In general, we use materials commonly associated with other industrial buildings, poor or very poor materials used fiber cement sheets, galvanized steel sheets ... But resorting to a decontextualization that ariseth the level of their final perception.

Product Specifications
ROCA Spmanufacturer
Sabta & Colemanufacturer
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HOME - Arts Centre

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Manchester, United Kingdom - Build completed in 2015
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