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The first open-air tower, with loggias on each level, the Cocoa Tower (registered under its French name: La Tour Cacao) will be a genuine vertical city made-up of 29 floors where every detail has been thought-out for well-being, serenity, communication, creativity and performance. We drew up this tower keeping in mind the men and women who will live there every day. The style of architecture is both sustainable and adapted to a tropical environment, which differentiates it from the already existing towers where the design methods are too often modeled after those in temperate zones. 

The tower was conceived as a continuous life platform  and  where public spaces (such as the Cocoa Museum, an amphitheater, an auditorium, meeting rooms and training rooms), the Coffee-Cocoa Council, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the one-stop corporate registration center known-as CEPICI and the office of the Councilors of the Presidency of the Republic coexist alongside. Designed to become a reference in the city of Abidjan, the Cocoa Tower will be the signature building in the city’s skyline in the decades to come.

A building with contemporary and distinctive architecture, the Cocoa Tower is open, lively and ecological.  Its key features are its largely glazed moving facades, arousing interest by a marked presence of its double bioclimatic ventilated facade.             

The Cocoa Tower is a symbol of the responsible management of the country's natural resources and a balance between the preservation of ecosystems and the economic development of the coffee-cocoa sector. In the tower, five green areas are present as ambassadors for a natural environment in Côte d’Ivoire are present.

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