Landing House

Landing House

Studio ReHubLic
Toronto, Canada
Private Houses
Siyamak Eskandari

Landing House

Studio ReHubLic as Architects

Located in the prestigious outskirts of Bayview village, this modern property enjoys a state-of-art spacious open-concept design with immaculate innovative features that optimize comfortable living.

This lavish residence is composed of three unique structural elements that combined create an unparalleled design. Beneath the living room, dining room, and kitchen lies The Tube, a Cedar clad cantilevered tube running across the building framing the view while maximizing natural lighting. The L shape opaque volume, cladded in Lexa stone, accommodates the rest of the bedrooms, family room, and garage for optimum privacy. The Tube signifies lightness in contrast to The L symbolizing durability, collectively create a harmonious apparatus. The unique spatial placement of The Stair at the core of the residence not only maximizes its ample design but is also the foundation of its sophisticated layout connecting all of the main rooms together. This magnificent faceted sculptural staircase features solid American Walnut and a marvelous and intricate design with a series of intertwined stairs leading to the courtyard that is short of breathtaking. The elegant and tasteful connection into the courtyard conveys a cheerful yet tranquil atmosphere, while enhancing and maximizing central natural lighting and privacy by having the bedroom windows looking towards the private sunken garden rather than neighbouring windows.

Having the client as an engineer and project manager on board greatly facilitated the completion of this project and provided the opportunity to materialize and combine authentic elements with immaculate details within a unique space. Designed for a young and modern household, this residence undoubtedly enjoys luxurious details optimal for comfortable living and entertainment. The residence features a diverse quarter of entertainments, accomplished by dividing these across different levels while maintaining the visual connectivity. Each space is uniquely characterized by distinctive features including exclusive layouts, an outdoor deck, pristine cross grain walnut cabinetry, and Roberto Cavalli stone cladded fireplace and a wet bar that embrace both elegance and innovation.

The main floor features a unique and interchangeable design that can accommodate and transform with easy into variable atmospheres. The multi-level interior is in sheer contrast to the pure and discreet exterior, thus portraying and embracing simplicity and sophistication. This organization allows all spaces to be discrete, yet eloquently connected and elicits unique ambiances with varying light and ceiling heights. Furthermore, the lower level is designed and laid out in such a way that it functions entirely as a separate unit with independent access to the garage. With exceptionally high ceilings, a remarkable grand walkout entrance, and featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, this basement design is undoubtedly stunning. Furthermore, this sustainable basement design facilitates the regulation of temperature and enhances brightness with the interconnection of the central staircase. The sophisticated design of this residence creates a sense of interconnectedness and continuity among the varying spaces, producing an atmosphere of modern elegance and luxury undoubtedly designed for sustainable living.

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