Murcia, Spain - Build completed in 2017
David Frutos


Laura Ortín Architecture as Architects

“LANO FRUITS new office. They are ‘oranges brokers’. This office distributes fruits all over the world.

The project connects two bordering spaces. One of them was used as a warehouse, the other one, in whichthey worked, was the result of many previous failed remodellings. They needed more natural light,acoustic and thermal comfort, collective spaces, rest rooms, and especially cosy atmosphere.

The Restoration is carried out by the reinforcement of the structure with a delicate concrete operation. The reorganization of pipesallows to maintain the original height. And the opening of a skylight provides a lot of natural light during the working day.

The Architecture starts at the coffee break area, the hall for workers and sporadic visitors. They are accompanied by a continuous and light polycarbonate line that defines the most private spaces. Halfway there is an "office landscape" under the soft zenithal light.

There are no studies. They prefer a space of meetings and confidences which is cosier.

In the middle of the office there is an Orange Tree, a living element, a minimum garden that balances thework rhythms.

The floor is a twisted PVC colour triangulation. It also covers some blind parts of the partition to hide thetoilet and the broom closet.

The main lighting is lifted off the ceiling with circular lamps of kind light. In the meeting room there are long arm wall lamps. They light up in a more domestic way this relaxed space.

The Furniture is pretty, comfortable, resistant and cheap. The black meeting table and the wooden chairs provide comfort and simplicity. The entrance armchair in pistachio green brighten the area up and the two armchairs with yellow buttons and socks on the legs offer a relaxingatmosphere in the confidential room.

In short this new design obtenins a more lively and comfortable office that creates functionality and kindness space.”

Project team
Product Specifications
KeplanPVC floor
La OcaFurniture
Reyes OrdonezFurniture
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