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Zooi interior studio as Interior Architects

The office interior full of individual design solutions projected by Zooi studio for the company Letled, is an ingenious simple example of how business tasks are combined with the aesthetics and company's image. Since Letled has been engaged in LED lighting, the brand book plays with the concept of RGB color model – fusion of red, green and blue spectrums and their transformation into a pure white colour. Designers used this idea to zone the laconic office premises.

The kitchen with hidden systems for the food storage and cooking is decorated in green. The lounge area, which is also a wardrobe, is blue. The meeting room is separated by red screens.

Interior designers of Zooi studio designed all furniture of this interior specifically for this company: original shelving, wardrobe, lounge area and kitchen, as well as the reception and long work tables. The work is organized into partitions and thanks to one desk that runs on two sides, employees are able to work from one side of the table and from the other. Above the long tables there is an impressive LED lighting decorated as wooden block. All these unusual and functional solutions have been created on partner manufacture under the technical control of Zooi designers.

Another exciting feature of the interior Letled is the rotating stands in the lobby, a simple but versatile decision. In one position, they completely hide few desks, demonstrating advertising information from the lobby side acting like a sort of brand wall. They can also be just opened in not very busy days for easier movements of the employees in the office area. Furthermore, these boards have a reverse lighter side: if you install them in that position, you get a perfect white background for the screen (you can see the projector mounted in the lobby), a very convenient option for presentations or for the staff training.

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