Papa cake

Papa cake

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Papa cake,

Zooi interior studio as Designers

Papa cake is the brand new design project created by Maxim Doschinsky and Pavel Voitov, head designers of ZOOI interior studio.

A refined, compact and innovative design for a bakery equipped with every comfort to give customers a satisfactory service in a welcoming, bright and clean place.

For the realization of the interior design, and in the attempt to give this place the maximum simplicity and naturalness, the designers of ZOOI have used different purely natural materials.

The first is wood, with a light look and an intense fragrance, which, in addition to the floor and the decorative ribs in the ceiling, also composes the outer part of the showcases and the various shelves containing decorative plants and fresh products from the store.

The second is the metal used in the shelf supports, the perforated closet in the kitchen area and the massive lamps above the counter.

One of the most relevant details of this design project is certainly the use of tiles in the shape of a honeycomb to decorate some walls of the room.

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