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Levander Coworking

Levander Coworking

Mark Odom Studio
Austin, TX, USA | View Map
Andrea Calo

Levander Coworking (ATX Factory)

Mark Odom Studio as Architects

This project began as an existing metal warehouse full of potential. Reusing the original footprint and volume of the building, Mark Odom Studio reimagined the interior as a creative, shared office space complete with bar, lounge, showers, yoga area, private meeting rooms, individual phone booth meeting spaces and—of course—an open floor plan with desks for larger groups

Organization and flexibility of each space was key, as was providing a good variety of spaces to facilitate diverse needs. One side of the building was designed for more intimate corporate affairs with formal meeting rooms, smaller group work spaces, and individual phone booth pods. The opposite side of the building was designed as an open floor plan, with mezzanine above, utilizing computer stations along the edge to create individual moments, as well as meeting rooms and phone booths to provide opportunities for more private moments. Centered in the building is a large bar/cafe, imagined as the community hub of the project, promoting social gatherings and commingling with large restrooms with showers to keep up with the long work sessions groups might be involved in

The envelope was designed under the “Passive House” standards and created an energy efficient layered assembly that goes well beyond industry standards. We achieved a sustainably tight envelope with minimal off-gassing and VOC’s so that the interior environment would remain healthy for years to come.

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