Liberty United Methodist Church

Liberty United Methodist Church

Dake Wells Architecture

Pearce Construction
Liberty, Missouri, USA | View Map
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Gayle Babcock, Architectural Imageworks, LLC

Liberty United Methodist Church

Dake Wells Architecture as Architects

At 18,000 SF, this project is the initial step to relocate LUMC to a 32-acre site that supports and encourages church growth. Emphasizing services for young families through contemporary worship, the project provides new, flexible worship space combined with classrooms. The foyer provides space for building relationships while framing views of the neighborhoods, reminding members of their mission to serve their community.

Liberty United Methodist Church has a strong history filled with tradition and symbolism, not the least of which is the Cross and Flame. Researching the origins of the symbol and finding connections to Renaissance depictions of the Holy Spirit led to the development of an architectural expression of biblical scripture, Acts 2:3. Although the expression is largely symbolic, it unified a congregation wrestling with the change required to reach people in a new era.

Renaissance paintings by El Greco and Titian depicting Pentecost represent the Holy Spirit as a descending dove with wings outstretched. Elements of fire fall from heaven to the people on Earth below. These depictions provided the inspiration for the design of Liberty United Methodist Church. Each material, texture and color helps tell the story of Pentecost. White terra-cotta shingles clad the upper portion of the exterior representing the upswept wings of a dove. The shingles never touch the ground, hovering above masonry, symbolic of earth, with colors of red and orange representing re from the Holy Spirit. In the entry court, the colors are vibrant as one enters below the Methodist insignia and the historic bell from LUMC’s original church. 

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