Lichtenstein & Co. Attorneys at Law

Lichtenstein & Co. Attorneys at Law

Givatayim, Israel - Build completed in 2017
Peled studio

Lichtenstein & Co. Attorneys at Law

Shoham Prag as Architects

Lichtenstein & co. attorney at law, is located in HaShahar tower in Givatayim, Israel. The Tower contains 57 stories, the bottom 37 are designated for offices and commercial space, and the 17 upper floors contain apartments and a residential sky lobby. Construction started in 2012 and ended in January 2017.

 Lichtenstein & co. specializes in commercial and civil cases, and is considered to be a young and hip workplace. We wanted to incorporate a young and modern design to the office space. Grey palette, with a touch of turquoise, was carefully chosen to soften and warm the space.


As the “face” of the office, we put a lot of attention to the front desk area. Using a raised ceiling and hidden lighting we were able to define the space. Using a Graphite color that runs from the counter through the wall and up to the ceiling we helped draw the gaze of the entering clients to the front desk. The counter itself is custom made using two kinds of textured formica to balance the dark Graphite color.


Geometric shapes, clean lines and open lite space were our main themes in designing the space. The counter has a strong diagonal line defining the two textures. The entrance and all the hallway floors are laid with hexagon shaped carpet tiles in tones of grey that worked well with the color palette that we defined for the project. In the work rooms we used a light colored wood floor (LVT) to lighten the work space. The hexagon tiles “leak” into the rooms giving the place a more dynamic look. The carpet defines the public areas and blurs the boundaries between public and personal space.

The client needed a lot of work space, so most of the area was divided into separate personal rooms. In order to brighten up the atmosphere, we used glass walls around each room. Clear Graphite lines divide the glass sheets running through the office, outlining it’s layout . Each room has a solid Graphite door giving some privacy to the employees.

Most of the furniture and lighting was custom made. In some of the carpentry we incorporated a colored handle detail. A series of wall prints made by local designer was compiled to decorate the office walls

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