Linköping Central Station

Linköping Central Station

Linköping, Sweden
Train stations

Linköping Central Station

Sweco as Architects

One station – double force fields A stations location is a powerfull target point in the city, which generates flows of people as well as attracts trade, service and housing and business, located close to public and sustainable transport.

The new station is ONE station, but TWO destinations – a staple over the river that merges the old with the new.

The double force fields charges greater areas with vigor and ensures a more solid and sustainable growth energy, over time and in multiple directions – a more centralized city!

Stångån River - A unifying urban space The river Stångån is transformed from a barrier and divider of the city to a unifying urban space with a unique character.

A broadened water mirror around the station, with new park and quay areas for recreation and mobility, concentrating all forms of urban life – in the new heart of the city.

Railroad in the city The bridge is designed as a modern viaduct, a structure that will enliven Stångån River. The wault shape relates to classical train station aesthetics, and is given continuity over both land and water. By shaping the underside as a cross vault, visual contact is given, both in the direction of the river as well as from one river bank to the other.

An outer sphere of perforated steel is both reflective and transparent. One can presage the underlying steel structure and the underside, which works as a mirror for the moving water surface under the structure.

Urban structure The urban structure is based on the idea of how streets and movement patterns, are joined, where new meets old over the river.

The energy from the two stations is further strengthened by additional bridges both north and south of the main bridge. It brings more urban life in the central area, and merges the north side and the industrial area Cloetta Center with the rest of the urban structure. The planned culture and event passage becomes a reality.

The structure provides the foundation for a further extension of the inner city, towards Kallerstad and further on also towards Tornby.

The central area around the station has a robust and logical division of neighborhoods, which has a size that with good economy will enable a mixed usage, while at the same time being a sufficiently fine mesh.

the station – an iconic building in the center The location of the station populates and activates the bridge passage and the River area. The train passenger’s meeting with Linkoping will be outlooks over the city's heart and an experience of water.

With a modern bridge design, in a classic railroad tradition, the station facility is included as a representative building in the city, shaped to be seen from a distance, close beside, below and above.

Travel center The eastern station entrance represents the travel center and exchange point with an open bus square, dockings for all types of traffic and parking for both bicycle and car.

The west entrance turns towards today's city center and is primarily aimed at landing by foot and bicycle.

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