Living on Exhibit

Living on Exhibit

Sculp (it)
Antwerpen, Belgium
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Living on Exhibit

Sculp (it) as Architects

It is as if nothing has happened. What does you with a rest space of 2,4m widely? A search to ultimate lives. Four wooden floors between two existing walls, hanging in a steel skeleton, organise this house; downstairs work, on 1st; eating, on 2nd; to relax, on 3rd sleeps; and on the roof enjoying the view. The border with outside is only glass. Transparency not only as a need, but as trump card. Where is the border of living if everything is visible? This transparency, where is articulated each facet of living on each floor by means of black window frameworks is like a living painting, is also winks to former functions in this neighbourhood ( prostitution ). The restriction of the available surface (60m2) moves again the border between need and luxuriously. Compromises are with this space thus no option. Surface is glorious, but also not the most important edge condition for a nice living. Respecting one large restriction gives exactly luxuriously and freedom; position in the city, comfort and the financial space to live.

Time is beside space the other large edge condition of this project. No sempiternal construction process, but a figured out assembly according to a strict planning. The building is ( besides the groundfloor) completely `dry’ accelerated. A steel structure between the walls placed in scarcely three weeks. Wooden floors, placed between the steel structure, formed each time the proposition for next floor. Afterwards the definite staircase was immediately placed. Three black pe-tubes and double wooden floors divides vertically and horizontally the piping of sanitary, heating and electricity. Because of this technical concept the existing and permanently visible walls could remain intact. The chosen construction principles, risk and the flexible anticipation on modifying adoption plannings, make an example of efficiency of of this house also.

Also the fixed furniture is designed by the architects themselves and is – of course – adjusted to the narrow space of each floor. The transparency of each space has to be remained. These furniture exists of stainless steel.

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