Lumière House

Lumière House

Studio Avana
Salam Street, Bandung City, West Java, Indonesia | View Map
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Private Houses
Product Spec Sheet

Shower Mixer and Bathroom accessoriesHansgrohe SE
Toilet BowlTOTO
Lamp and fixturesSORAA
Sink Faucet, Wash BasinAxor
Light Switches and power outletBoss Design
Toilet BowlKohler

Product Spec Sheet
Shower Mixer and Bathroom accessories
Toilet Bowl
Lamp and fixtures
Sink Faucet, Wash Basin
by Axor
Light Switches and power outlet
Toilet Bowl
by Kohler

Lumière House

Studio Avana as Architects

One of the common problems in big cities, such as Bandung, Indonesia, is the lack of land and space in the city center, which became a challenge for the design of this house. The requirement of this project is to fulfill the needs and create something unique for the owner, who is passionate about gardening and modern technology. Split level concept is applied to this house in order to create a larger space area, in addition we also put a garden on each level of the house to accommodate the needs of the house owner .


Garden becomes an important element of this project hence there are 5 different gardens on different areas in this house. In addition, the existence of these gardens will also benefit to the air circulation and natural lighting inside the house.


The primary garden is located at the center of the house and becomes the inner court of this house. This particular garden is functioned as a void and also connecting the entire level of the house. In addition, a vertical garden is also placed on this area, adding extra fresh air produced inside the house.


Garden is also utilized as roof and facade of the house. The garden on the roof is giving some advantages including providing more space for agriculture, adding beauty to the cityscape and increasing air quality. Rooftop gardens should be able to diminish the urban heat island effect. Generally, rooftop gardens absorb heat and insulate buildings better than traditional roof.


Whereas the garden area on the facade is functioned as a noise buffer, reducing noise from outside going through the house. This garden facade concept is also combined with the use of sun protective fins, which rotates accordingly to the sun orientation. Casting patterned shadows inside the house.


At the entrance of the house we can find another of the gardens and a fish pond, which despite being on the second level, faces the street. As a base for this pond we decided to use glass, so the shadow reflections will be seen in the room below. The use of gardens in different areas of the house provides a pleasant and impressive atmosphere like no other.

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