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Maison des Compagnies
© Laura Keller Sanna

Maison des Compagnies

Christian Dupraz Architects as Architects

The project of Maison des Compagnies (MdC) is a response to a demand which has been echoing since long time concerning the essential lack of space for rehearsals dedicated for the performing arts.


Installed temporary MdC will receive mainly two internationally known companies, settled in Meyrin, the dance company Alias and the theater company STT. The architectural achievement, conceived as a factory and a space for reflection,becomes a real workshop tool for preparation of future productions in quality performable and economicalway. The building integrates all the important particularities and technical requirements for the stagecraft.The building is conceived on multiple stores and is hinged on important vertical distributive core.


On one side of this core is the superposition of two halls with similar dimensions and heights. The hall on the entrance floor is 277m2with 7.50m height. The hall above, in comparison, is 230m2 with 3.50m height. The acoustical requirements are brought to the maximum similarity to the real conditions present on a theater or dance stage, in order to reproduce the analogical sensations and point of reference during a realperformance.


At the other side of the core, multiple spaces dedicated to the everyday activities of MdCare superimposed. Storages, Maintenance rooms, Lockers, Offices etc, are composing the frameworkof lifeutilitiesfor the comfort of the work spaces.


Realized in wooden structure and wooden façade, the building consist of sequences of smart constructive details allowing, without deterioration, the dismounting and displacement of the entirety of the construction on another site chosen by the FondationMeyrinoise. Though considered as an assembled architecture, the interior is consisted by a sequence ofhigh quality spaces. The continuity throughout the rooms is offering to the users, and to the temporary visitors, an experience by interaction with the special game of pleasant relation between the interior and exterior view. The big windows are marking and giving a specific rhythm to the spaces.


In the beginning, the major outlook of this architecture was to answer to a necessity, a necessity and a problematic of efficiency, nevertheless it became established with a strong emotional integration, which reflects throughout the delicate spatial interconnections, witha specific usage of materials and viewpoints towards the landscape by the large openings.

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