Maker Space - Colégio pH Botafogo

Maker Space - Colégio pH Botafogo

SP62 Architecture
St Marquês de Olinda, 74, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil | View Map
Project Year
Julia Novoa

Maker Space - Colégio pH Botafogo

SP62 Architecture as Architects

The Colégio pH from Somos / Krouton group, came to us to make the maker spaces rooms of the new units of the Botafogo and Barra neighborhood, which were designed by architect Bel Lobo and the architects of the Agência office, in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Mundo Makers a company that makes maker consultancies for the implementation of maker pedagogy in schools. The intention of the college was to be a pioneer in the implementation of maker space within the pedagogical curriculum.

The maker culture gained great prominence for education 4.0 and the implementation for schools gained activities such as: Programming, electronics, logic, design, manual making, communication and Mindfullness. The activities add to the student's sense of cooperation, develops critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, problem solving, autonomy and resilience.

Projects are done in groups or in pairs (Pearlearning), developing the student through design thinking, and through the Socratic method. The SP62 Architecture created with Mundo Maker the industrial concept of a contemporary work space for the Colégio pH. In this project of the Botafogo unit, we were surprised to work in a historic listed house.

Material Used:

1. Brasil Bella decor/Cadeira Eames
2. Suvinil/Tintas Cinza Prata, Branco.
3. Santil/Luminárias Spots, Tuboleds, Lâmpadas PAR20, 30 e AR111.
4. PowerCube/Extensões de teto
5. GC Móveis/Marcenaria e Serralheria

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Project Credits
Product Spec Sheet

Tintas Cinza Prata, Branco.Suvinil
Cadeira EamesBrasil Bella decor
Luminárias Spots, Tuboleds, Lâmpadas PAR20, 30 e AR111.Santil
Product Spec Sheet
Tintas Cinza Prata, Branco.
by Suvinil
Cadeira Eames
Luminárias Spots, Tuboleds, Lâmpadas PAR20, 30 e AR111.
by Santil
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