School of Innovation and Technology

School of Innovation and Technology

SP62 Architecture
St. Guaipá, 1211 Vila Leopoldina, São Paulo - SP, 05089-000, Brazil | View Map
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Julia Novoa

Mundo Maker Vila Leopoldina

SP62 Architecture as Architects

This unit of Mundo Maker is the first with the creation of the facade elements. With round gear windows, alluding to technology and innovation, the external concept speaks to the internal. Industrial architecture is a modernist and contemporary aspect. For the Mundo Maker brand it fits like a glove, by blending the components in green with the apparent ones.


Mundo Maker is an education company that defines itself as: School of Innovation and Technology. In addition to own units and franchises in the city of São Paulo, Fábio Zsigmond, co-founder of the company, realizes consultancies for the implementation of maker space in private or public schools, participating in the architecture project until the pedagogical insertion with the material of MakerLab. The company also offers trainings to teachers and teams that will work on classes and projects in the environment.


The activities add to the student's sense of cooperation, developing critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, problem solving, autonomy and resilience. The projects are done in groups or in pairs, developing the student through "design thinking", and through the Socratic method, in which the student is stimulated to develop the answers and solutions, where the mentor realizes the "fleeting approach", where it only guides the "driver", that is, the student, during the project that aggregates several materials into one final goal.

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Maker consultant
Product Spec Sheet

Texture and paintingsSuvinil
Eames ChairsBella Brasil Decor
Product Spec Sheet
Texture and paintings
by Suvinil
Eames Chairs
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