Malocclusion Dental Clinic

Malocclusion Dental Clinic

127-5, Dongtansunhwan-daero, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
Project Year
Hong seokgyu

Malocclusion Dental Clinic

Starsis as Designers

The user of this space is an orthodontist who has been researching malocclusion for a long time. Located at Dongtansunhwan-daero 127-5, this place is naturally designed according to her background and characteristics. We have 16 upper and lower teeth in our lives, so in total 32 teeth. There is a common rule in the order when teeth grow which has an interesting part.



Teeth start growing starting with the 6th tooth from inside the mouth, also called the first molar tooth. However in the case of the upper teeth it is a little different. In some cases, the 4th premolar tooth starts growing before the 3rd canine tooth which pushes the 3rd out or causes the 3rd tooth to stick out. Therefor everyone will naturally experience a malocclusion during their lives not deriving from reasons like environment, habits, and genetics. Let’s focus on the time in our lives when we exposed to the threat of malocclusion.


2.Rules of the teeth and space

Teeth will be numbered 1 to 8 starting from the front tooth towards the inside of the mouth.


No.1: 1st front tooth / No.2: 2nd front tooth / No.3: 3rd canine tooth / No.4: 1st premolar tooth / No.5: 2nd premolar tooth / No.6: 1st molar tooth / No.7: 2nd molar tooth / No.8: 3rd molar tooth(wisdom tooth)


When listing symbols associated to each of them, three round geometric shapes can be obtained when circles are applied to the offbeat of the 3rd and 4th tooth starting from the 6th tooth. We decided to apply this to this space. The external and internal space in which the rounds overlap will be defined vaguely. By limiting straight lines and placing curves inside the tight space, esthetic is maximized. Functional factors are reduced but esthetic stability is maximized.



White-colors with warm-colored lights, terazzo furniture with clear abrasion, wooden fittings stuck in walls and plants full of vitality provide a sense of ease and relaxation for those who visit this place for treatment.

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