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MAP Real Estate Office

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MAP Real Estate Office

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Situated at the Zorlu Center on a 150 sqm of space, the prestigious office of the MAP Real Estate is designed through a pure and modern manner in company with an integrative and functional construction. Initially designed as a housing project, the planning decisions for the space are then reconsidered and resolutions taken for the wet areas towards the housing function are reviewed for the new utilization of the space. The area contains two administrative rooms, one collective working area, one meeting room, secretariat, kitchen and wet areas. Spatial arrangements are formed through a responsive understanding that reflects an Office experience. Primarily, the secretariat is designed as an information desk, positioning near the entrance. Design of the hall which contains the secreteriat is embraced over its connection with the working areas. As for the administrative rooms, they are resolved on the front facade aiming for an effective planning of the space especially through benefiting from daylight as much as possible.The main design principal is shaped within a minimal understanding as far as possible for providing a basis that coincides with the corporate identity.

An integrative spatial organization is accordingly established and material diversity is reduced to the minimum. Surfaces allowing and reflecting daylight are designed in a permeable composition and supported with partly translucent, wooden, white and grey surfaces depending on the needs of the units. The feeling of continuity in the overall ambience of the office is sustained through both materials with same quality and built-in furnitures with a modulation, allowing flexible solutions. Predominantly composed with transparency, monotype wooden material and white, the colors of the office space is created with interior sculptures, paintings on the walls and plants. Besides, the details included in the design process from the beginning, led to a dynamic effect for the simplicity of the space. The secretariat located in the office entrance functioning as an information desk is identified along with the lighting elements, translucent surface of the working unit positioned next to it and wooden surfaces detailed behind and above. On the floors of the hall containing the secreteriat, natural stone is used and further made a positive impact on light reflection. The units are decomposed along with the glass and wooden partition systems implemented in the corridor located ahead of the hall. Being one of the most significant design elements used in the project regarding quantity and functionality, the office partition systems are defined as elements breathing a new life into the space through unique details and material usage. Along with the trace characterized with these partition systems, floor coverings are differentiated and turned into tile carpet floorings for the interiors of the office. The color white is mainly preferred in the interior surfaces of the administrative rooms located in two main facades that receive sunlight. Therefore the depth of the space is supported and the daylight transfer to the other spaces is ensured. The color grey is used in certain walls serving as a qualified background for the space. Shelving and storage units with wooden and white elements are integrated on wall surfaces. The integrative and functional approach brought in MAP Real Estate is prioritized in all the phases of interior design process and maintained from structural details to micro technicalities. It’s ensured that all the working units reshaped with a minimalistic effect and common spaces, benefit from daylight as much as possible. The continuity effect secured by repeating a limited number of materials is transferred to the whole unit through a simplistic narrative. In this way, a contemporary office design that is able to reflect the corporate identity of MAP in the best possible way is generated in accordance with the requests of the client.


Project Title: Map Real Estate Office Location: Zorlu Center – Istanbul Project Office: nord architecture-design Project Team: Burcu Yücetaş Ural, Erkan Ural, Burcu Dede, Gülşah Çaltekin A ssistant Team: İnci Öğretmenoğlu, Elifcan Duygun, Seda Kaplan Client: Map Real Estate Furniture Design: nord architecture-design Image: Murat Tekin Construction Completion Date: 05.01.2015 B uilding Size: 150 sqm

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