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Maslak, Sarıyer/İstanbul, Turkey - Build completed in 2015
Gürkan Akay Office

Habif Architects as Architects

Usually; the general logic of the office interior design is to present the corporate identity mainly in the reception and recreation areas. Within this same approach; unfortunately , we are faced with simple but similar working areas. We tried to avoid exactly this approach when designing the new headquarters for; one of the leading online fashion and shopping companies of Turkey.

To accomplish this; we entwined “Ribbon”s inMarkafoni corporate colors throughout all office space and started playing with them: we tied and untied, lowered and raised and widened and narrowed it… Eventually; we came up with a dynamic, ever changing, sculptural but functional structure that can also include required spaces and components.

This structure sometimes formed required spaces and components by itself, and sometimes these spaces and components were attached to it : when the office needed it; “Ribbon” formed an open meeting space, a gathering place, a seating or a stage. Sometimes we attached needed components to it; dividers, art installations or quick meeting units…

Our aim was to make the Ribbon more than just a decorative factor; a vital instrument that meets the needs of office users, a complex facility which is interacted by the office habitants more than once in a typical work day.

We approached the rest of the office spaces as a background to our main concept element, but with its own character and details.

In the end; we think that a dynamic, extraordinary and a fun office place, mirroring’s corporate identity was achived.

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