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DRA&U as Architects

The MDRT15 is an opportunity for us to work and study the project which main subject is to develop the building that has a strong connection with the rationalist architecture of the city of Latina. This period of Italian architecture has the great merit of having produced great architecture and great architects such as Adalberto Libera, Giuseppe Terragni, Luigi Moretti, Giovanni Michelucci, Giuseppe Pagano and many others. Among these different authors our research is focused on the work of Luigi Moretti. He is an extraordinary architect whose work should be studied more, especially projects and researches conducted after the war. In fact the application in architecture such as "method of design according to logical-mathematical parameters " well known as "Parametric Architecture" exists due to Moretti who as well created a laboratory for research in this specific field : IRMOU (National Institute of Mathematics and Operations Research for Urban Planning).

Our project is a residential building of four units that are spread over three floors and a basement. The project starts from a box designed as a "compact block", which was divided into two equal parts and then shifted along the minor axis. In this way was created the space for vertical connection, where a condominium staircase was inserted. Which is a sculptural element that does not provide structural support on the stair landing. The finishing of the steps is designed in red resin, an architectural detail that stands out against completely white building. The volume of the staircase is cut with long, vertical and narrow glass window on the side of main facade. This architectural element represents our tribute to the architect Moretti. This is a solid building in which the natural illumination was carefully studied as well as the fluid dynamics. Another element that characterizes this project is the roof, a continuous beam that develops wrapped in an organic way and sometimes in a rational manner along the entire perimeter of the building. The particularity of this project is in the details of the structural choices that in turn enhance the architectural style of the building, quoting Pier Luigi Nervi, we can define it as a project full of good structural acrobatics.

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