Mini-conference centre Veldhoven

Mini-conference centre Veldhoven

O + A strategies and architecture
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Mini-conference center Veldhoven

O + A strategies and architecture as Architects

O+A is commissioned by a private client to design an addition to a detached villa. The project entails the design of a carport for two cars and a conference space. The villa, designed and built in the 1970s, has an extroverted addition which was completed in the 1990s. In averting a cacophony of material and form, the villa was taken as a starting point for this latest addition.

The particular shape of the roof is a result of regulatory zoning law limitations, technical limitations in constructing a foundation adjacent to the existing home, and demands in terms of use. The architectural ambition is especially evident beneath this roof, where the functions ‘conferencing’ and ‘parking’ form two intersecting L-shaped volumes.

The climatised conference space is enclosed with minimally detailed, structural glazing. The carport is not climatised and is enclosed with timber boards, which seamlessly continue into the ceiling- and wall finishing. The timber boards form, along with the three timber frames, a sequence of sections which determine the interior. Beneath the roof, a dialogue arises between material and space.

The project was completed in July 2009. Aside from performing common architectural design tasks, O+A assumed the roles of chief contractor and glass engineer.

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