Mobile sauna

Mobile sauna

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Mobile sauna

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The mobile-sauna is born after the tough winter 2012 willing to fight against cold shaking fatality so a movable and heatable space needs to be designed. "Nature always acts by economy… P. Berger" So we attend to use as less material as possible to compose an auto-stable and air-proof envelope. The hexagon appears as the geometrical figure able to resolve these problems. The sauna is formed by 6 similar panels compressed together by 2 truck straps while the roof equilibrates the variable pressures. Simplicity and efficiency of the structure allows to introduce spatial complexity on the inside by a series of stacking bench in the overall space.

Created in collaboration with P.Cauderay, L. Banchini, R. Fulop, L.Vaissade, A.Banchard

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Revival Café
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Madrid, Spain - Build completed in 2020
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