Modern Duplex House in Austria

Modern Duplex House in Austria


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Modern Duplex House in Austria

Viscato as Architects


We are presenting to you an architectural exterior 3D visualisation of a duplex house designed in Austria. The semi-detached building was designed on the rectangular plan, though the separate houses were situated on the square plan. Dark grey colour together with a clear white elevation perfectly represent the idea of a currently modern style. We are sure potential customers would appreciate the concept of a wooden fence separating two properties, as it guarantees privacy to both families living in that duplex house, while spending their spare time on the terrace or by the pool. Moreover, there is a tool shed hidden inside, which is quite convenient, as there is always a substantial need for more space. Another additional facility is a private roofed parking space placed right in front of the building with an easy and safe access to the road. It was built mainly with the usage of natural wood as a construction material.

In another gallery you can have a look at the interesting interiors of this duplex-house, which were thoroughly prepared by our 3D artists as well.

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