Molecules to the world!

Molecules to the world!

Zé Léllis

Molecules to the world!

Zé Léllis as Architects

Bring inspiration, the look of a foreigner in the midst of everyday life is the goal of this work. The speed consumes humans constantly, and so it is with people passing around of the Euromax. A moment of reflection on how the elements are inserted in life is indeed a challenge. Exactly why, as if the look would capture the moment, an explosion / release of particles in the middle, the size of the world baring the information it receives both physical and mental (an outline of Euromax spreading across the globe).

Finally, the symbolic sense of all side is incorporated to images applied ; a moment of tight embrace between before the and after.

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AND.G Concept store
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AND.G Concept store

The Mixc, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
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