Monochrome in the city

Monochrome in the city

Shira Lavi BD
Tel Aviv, Israel | View Map
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Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
TroyMagis spa
Saxe chairby Lassen
prime kitchenDADA
Pouf Oval - Dark Blueferm LIVING

Product Spec Sheet
Saxe chair
prime kitchen
Pouf Oval - Dark Blue

Monochrome in the city

Shira Lavi BD as Architects

We received new and naked triplex with standard plan and one request from the costumers: we want spacious kitchen in dark shade.


The challenge was to change the standard plan of the apartment, which did not fit the needs of the clients and to customize the space to their dreams. We wanted to create a sense of inviting and spacious space to the relatively small entrance area, 55 sqm.


 The total area of the apartment is 250 sqm, its surrounded by a garden of 400 sqm overlooking the landscape of the open fields which located between two cities.


The entrance floor includes the kitchen, living room, family room and the garden.


The personal spaces are located upstairs which includes the bedrooms and bathrooms. In the basement we planned a private unit for a teenager with a small outdoor terrace.

The entrance area has a 3.5 m ceiling high, four large sliding doors used for exiting the garden and a window view to the garden. Same big sliding doors, minimized the options for the location of the kitchen. We choose to place the kitchen parallel to the wall with the only window and the short elevation is parallel to the open stairwell.

We created a separation between the kitchen and stairs by a partition made of iron mesh. The partition separates between the two spaces, but at the same time also connecting between them and allows natural light and air flow to the staircase.


All the components and materials were chosen carefully in order to create a monochromatic and minimalist look, yet inviting and warm appearance, with practical materials. An abundance of different sources of light that create pleasant atmosphere to the space.

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