Adrien Fouéré


Adrien Fouéré as Designers


A mountain scenery against an industrial backdrop, in a country where the highest point above sea level reaches 322,7 m (Mount Vaals). This image is both an invitation to daydream as well as a strong impact advertising element for EURAMAX. More than a simple color panel featuring all colors of the rainbow spectrum, this proposal embraces ambiance and scale. Firstly, the mountain is a large image, which catches your eye from afar when driving your car or riding your bike and its shape is reproduced by the roof. Secondly, the nonchalent deer can greet the pedestrian with a smile and then provide a first plan to the perspective. And finally, the quote written on four panels : “EURAMAX can bring mountains to the Netherlands”

Will attract the attention of the ones who are going to stop by the parking places located around. While the text gives the necessary clue in order to understand the whole point of this image, it does not interfere with it. By approaching the text, the reader will also be able to approach the detail of the material. Creating both a “realistic” and an absurd image contrasting with its context.

A row of perforated coated aluminum panels, placed in front of the windows, will let the industry’s activities be lighted naturally during the day, and be revealed by its lights at night. By keeping the existing positions of the spotlights, the only elements which will be visible at night are the deer and the quote, plus the shadows of the company’s letters overlaid by the new skin of the building.


“One’s freedom stops where another persons’ freedom starts.” Popular saying

The use of coated aluminum in this case enables the durable hosting of this image. Our society today is led by mass media, billboards and communication. Isn’t this process of recreating an artificial image of nature without capturing animals or really moving mountains more sustainable than anything else? In addition, the support can be recycled just like paper but its durability and color resistance are much higher. By using this image, EURAMAX will show a possible use of an “elsewhere picture” transfigured to “anywhere”.

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