Mountain Villa -“Ama-no-Sato”

Mountain Villa -“Ama-no-Sato”

Archivision Hirotani Studio
Katsuragi, Wakayama, Japan | View Map
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Mountain Villa - “Ama-no-Sato”

Archivision Hirotani Studio as Architects

“Ama-no-Sato” is a resort hotel located in a quiet mountain village of Wakayama prefecture.

The name of this hotel is derived from the village town of “Amano” with the “Niutsuhime” temple, designated as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, and is surrounded in abounding nature blessed with some remaining scenic areas of past days.

The main wing of “Ama-no-Sato” consists of a lobby, a restaurant, a bar, 6 guest rooms and a spa area.

The entire facility is a single level structure, which has been dispersively arranged.

The landscaping design provides greenery and water between each building, bringing about a continuity with the surrounding scenery.

This hotel is a new facility but is cloaked with nostalgic overtones.

Furthermore, by using local wood paneling on the exteriors of the building, which will change color with time, we feel that it will blend in with the surrounding environment creating another new attraction in Japan.

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