Nousaku Office & Factory

Nousaku Office & Factory

Archivision Hirotani Studio
8-1 Officepark Takaoka-shi, Toyama, Japan | View Map
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Nousaku Office & Factory

Archivision Hirotani Studio as Architects

The intent of designing the new building was not only to provide the functional architecture as the production and distribution but also to convey the attractive culture of casting, traditional industry through all generation and to create the base as the industrial tourism to make the richness of nature and culture in Toyama prefecture known to the public.


The wooden molds used in the first manufacturing process are displayed at the first space to catch sight of the molds as a symbolic character of the industrial tourism since visitors enter the building. This is not just a showcase, but a warehouse which visitors feel some messages of the craftmanship as seeing the how craft people find the molds.


The casting section directly connecting to the warehouse and the production section consisting of the finishing process have two-story ceiling with top light as comfortable working environment. In addition, the management and distribution sections are planned as two-story levels. These manufacturing sections were covered by brick-colored exterior wall which shined in both tree planting and snow scene.


The tin cast experience space, the cafe for local production, the gallery of the casting, the information space to share various attractive of Toyama, the shop for Nousaku products are planned at one room using metal, such as brass, tin, copper which was the materials of the casting, and ceiling louver of the Toyama cedar as an interior design factor under the large roof having the deep eaves.

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