Mr. Sloping

Mr. Sloping

YCL studio
Paupys, Vilnius, Lithuania | View Map
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Private Houses
Andrius Stepankevičius

Mr. Sloping

YCL studio as Architects

Cozy, tiny apartment in the newly developed living area in Vilnius, Paupys.

The initial program was to create a simple, but attractive apartment for rent. You may ask: “Why so many slopes?” and we may answer that all started with one huge recuperation pipe that went along the wall through all the apartment. And then all started… To hide one pipe we developed a composition of sloping spaces and doorways that all play the same game in one tiny apartment.


Coming closer to the result we saw that this small apartment became more than a place to live, it became a little sculpture, that you almost want to carry it anywhere you go.


Apart from that first time we entered the apartment, it was still under the construction and we saw a brick wall surrounding all the interior. Why not? Let’s keep it. The painted brick wall was a good kick to keep the interior design contemporary and in a way unexpectedly attractive.


To finish it we just had to choose the flooring. All the place had already very industrial, but cozy look, so we went with a concrete floor that filled all the spaces.


Done. We love it and we are happy that the client loves it too.


So in general the functional scheme of the apartment is very common. Apart from that only a small bedroom that we divided into 2 separate “rooms” with two entrances. One entrance for sleeping and the other for working and dressing. But it is still the same space.


Small, but unexpected Mr. Sloping apartment that was very interesting to work with.


Material Used :
1. Arkos light – wall light – REC 
2. Vituko durys – doors – Door model LINA 1 for sliding and hinged doors
3. Sinak Relay – concrete floor – SINAK Relay 90-QS™

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Product Spec Sheet

Wall lightArkoslight S.L.
Sliding and hinged doorsVituko durys
Product Spec Sheet
Wall light
Sliding and hinged doors
Lina by Vituko durys
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