mugen plus
Matsumura Kohei

mugen plus

Endo Shojiro Design as Architects

We renovated the Kyoto townhouse, which is about 120 years old. It is a guesthouse rented as a whole. The concept of "mugen plus" is that families including children can stay comfortably. Since the floor height is slightly different, various gaps and steps are created. They allow visitors to discover diverse views. We inserted a "cylinder" with a wooden panel into a typical Kyoto townhouse. The "cylinder" vaguely partitions the interior of the Kyoto townhouse, creating continuity and transparency. In addition, visitors can experience various spaces inside “mugen plus” by going back and forth through the openings provided on the side and top of the cylinder.


We have prepared a variety of spaces, such as a rough clay wall and rough flooring, a white space made of plaster, a black space made of black Japanese paper, a semi-underground small room, a stage that can be used in various ways, and a space under which children can play.


Also, Mugen (meaning infinity in Japanese) monogram design door, items by artists (Karagami (Japanese wallpaper), lighting equipment, pottery). Furnishings that blend contemporary design and Japanese tradition are distributed throughout. We have prepared ideas for space and hospitality of various scales in a small accommodation of about 80 square meters. Aiming to be an accommodation space for enjoying a trip in Kyoto.

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