Naïve sparkling wine bar

Naïve sparkling wine bar

AKZ Architectura
Basseina street 1/2, Ukraine
Project Year
AKZ Architectura and Lesha Yanchenkov

Naïve sparkling wine bar

AKZ Architectura as Architects

Zuieva Katya and Olga Malyshenko (AKZ Architectura, Kiev, Ukraine) were requested to design a new bar in Kiev. The task was very interesting: create a space that fundamentally different from all the Kiev bars that include bricks, wood and rusty metal. Designers feel absolutely free in their creative decisions. So they take the conception of Naïve bar about sparkling wine and try to show in interior the essence of this drink - the lightness and a sense of celebration. The bright and in the same time gentle colors with the returning 70th style that displayed in furniture with "Art Deco" style bathroom create the space where you whant to forget everything and "just drink sparkling wines and cocktails and feel happy".

What was the inspiration? The inspiration was to show the essence sparkling wine drink - the lightness and the sense of celebration it implies.

Why did you choose this colour palette? Color pallette run from the colours of wine. If to mix white and red wine we've got a rose/pink one, so we choose this colour as main in the interior(walls,floor,some fabrics).And also the gold colour is main, cause it's sparkle and make the shiny effect as sparkle wine bubbles.

What materials used and why? We used light pink pressed concrete on the floor, with some kind of stains and cracks Basic pink paint on the walls as a main and white wall with blue dots was designers hand made work. Black and white tile mixing with mosaic and fabric green curtains at the entrance to make some intrigue for not showing from the first step that there is big pink space ) Mirrors are for visually increase interior, cause this place is without windows and you need like more air. Gold metal on the basis of furniture as shiny detail and it looks fabulous. All materials are an easy reference to the art deco style. ( geometric black/white tile, velour fabrics, gold, arc mirrors, fluted glass lights)

The reason "why" was to make space fundamentally different from most Kiev bars which feature predominantly bricks, wood, and rusty metal.

What furniture All furniture were custom made.

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