NĂM • Modern Vietnamese Cuisine

NĂM • Modern Vietnamese Cuisine

YOD design lab
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Andriy Bezuglov

NĂM • Modern Vietnamese Cuisine

YOD design lab as Architects

NĂM • Modern Vietnamese Cuisine it’s a restaurant of modern Vietnamese cuisine in Kyiv. This is a paradise for true gourmets in Vietnamese villa of colonial France, because it is in this form restaurant arises before everyone who opens its huge entrance door in height of 4,5 m. The creators and ideologists of this institution are Ector Jimenez-Bravo, who also became its brand-chief, and restaurateurs Taras and Oksana Seredyuk.

Interior of NĂM restaurant is decorated in French colonial style with characteristic ethnic blotches. In order to achieve maximum authenticity we tried to apply as much as possible natural materials in decoration, which were specially aged according to conditions of tropical Vietnamese climate. All wooden products including parquet on the ground floor were made from massive 100-year old barrels from under white and red wine. Almost every element in design with the exception of chairs and technical lighting was created exclusively for this restaurant.

On the first floor interior space forms by open kitchen, thanks to which guests can observe processes of cooking their meals, and by contact bar which on the one hand is transformed into a scenic landing zone thanks to tiers characteristic of Vietnamese region, and on the other hand – smoothly descends to stairs leading to the second floor to main guest area.

Due to experiments with light restaurant radically changing its image according to time of day. In daytime thanks to large windows all halls of restaurant are full of light. With onset of twilight lighting becomes more muted, and closer to night it is almost completely extinguished, leaving only certain accents and shadows that provides a complete transformation of restaurant’s atmosphere in evening.

No doubt, exotic attractive interior charm of NĂM restaurant definitely will not leave no one indifferent, and authentic Vietnamese recipes, perfected and modernized under patronage of the very chief Hector Jimenez-Bravo, for visual and flavoring qualities will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding gourmets.

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