National Commando Training Centre - Collioure

National Commando Training Centre - Collioure

Architecture Patrick Mauger
Collioure, France
Project Year
Military buildings
Didier Boy de la Tour

National Commando Training Centre - Collioure

Architecture Patrick Mauger as Architects

The extension to the Miradou fort is an independent structure inserted between the existing fort and the village. The new building uses the same layout principle as a Vauban fortress.

The three storey structure contains dining facilities and a medical unit. The single level upper terrace incorporates a car park, a turning area and a landscaped space. The kitchen and dining areas occupy the intermediate level while the medical unit is located on the lower floor.

The dry stone facing laid over a concrete wall echoes the fort’s spirit. The interiors are characterized by an architecture using materials such as concrete, metal and glass that reveal the contemporary nature of the structure. The way glass is used differs from one floor to another and provides considerable natural light.

The extension is located within a site that while exceptional due to its quality is also constrained by its topography.

Project Credits
Apus Kankay
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Apus Kankay

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