Nature House

Junsekino Architect and Design as Architects

The perception of this project is viewed from both inside-out and outside-in. Homeowners request for every space in a house has to feel the nature and the presence of “water”, which is the main theme of this project, either by visual, sound, or feeling.

An idea of space comes from a belief of homeowners in Fengshui. It determines auspicious and inauspicious positions for the house and in order to have a feel to nature, inauspicious positions are then substituted by water.

From above idea, it creates and determines the function of private and public space. Both spaces parallel to X-axis and connect to service space in Y-axis. A bridge is appointed to connect 2 spaces into one piece while each pushed-in plane creates a working space area with privacy from the outside.

To blend with genuine tropical feeling and style, energy conservation concept is also used for this house. Lighting in all areas is balanced with positive and negative lights. The ceiling is designed to be very thin like a paper put out on the house and designed to let natural light comes in during the day and disperse light to all areas. At night artificial lights from lamps and lanterns are diffused out from the inside. The open space between the ceiling and walls will control lighting inside the room during day and night.

Building materials are a combination of natural materials, wood, rock and finished products in order to create a modern-yet-natural feeling for homeowners.

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