Nautical centre in Pléneuf Val-André

Nautical centre in Pléneuf Val-André

Guinée + Potin Architects
Pléneuf Val-André, France
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Piégu boat club

Guinée + Potin Architects as Architects

The “Piégu” nautical centre must come to insert in the context, without "maltreating it", but to changing these principles simply, to coherence with architectural and landscape matter of the site. From independent components, the project creates a place whose elements are articulated and woven together. Having delimited on 3 faces by the recent strengthening of the cliff, the plot, very exigüe, "casts" in the Southwest on the coastal region and the big beach of the Val André, down below. The project stacks three layers which decline the aspects and identity of the context, so urban as environmental and programmatic: The wooden low layer adopts a homogeneous and continuous skin in lap siding red cedar, durable species and resistant to the very wet marine environment, incorporate large sliding doors. The intermediate layer is composed in emissive glass, take account of the south-western orientation; the guard board is in coloured glass, referring to the balneal statute of the town of Pléneuf Val André, on the Channel Sea in the west of France. Centre nautique / Pléneuf Val-André / Brittany / France The higher layer is wrapped of concrete tinted in the mass with chestnut tonality. Various impregnations create a vibration of the concrete face, becoming integrated to the rock background of cliff. This superimposing of subjects, also reads in the functionality of plan, which stacks programs: In the ground floor, the stockings of boats and technical places, at the first level a « club house » and administrative offices, in second, cloakroom showers. The vegetable roof covering has a maintenance as easy as limited, decorating the visibility on the nautical centre by offering "top" a natural landscape, and consolidating the equipment in its environmental qualities: strong thermal inertia; rainwater retention by plants; the heat is retained the winter, and contrary, the vegetable roof covering protects to the heat during the summer. This roof covering integrates solar collectors discreetly.

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