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Neo, a word derived from ancient Greek which means New. This prefix commonly used in Spanish immediately refer us back to avant-garde movements; those names preceded by this word always look forward, to renew, to leave the past behind and to come up with art styles never seen before. That is exactly what we pretend to do with this proposal.

This is not only an architectural project or concept, we go further on by generating a system that allows standarization, typification, prefabrication, multifunctionality and polyvalency.

The above is achieved with an integral process where the structure, the vehicles, the parking areas, as well as the room proportions are organized in such a way that they can adjust to any kind of circumstances and terrains, and at the same time to grow or diminish in any direction.

The structure must be efficient and effective in relation with the vehicles to avoid wasted areas; as for the rooms, we suggest they be 12 x 26 feet, rectangular shaped giving the opportunity for a better organized furnishment and a more rational use of materials, (e.g. the carpets are 12 feet long, marble one foot by one foot etc.).

In addition, this structure must adapt to different configurations for each particular use because the most important part of this architectural porposal is to be not just a closed discourse, but allow the manipulation of dismantable facades creating distinct type of architectures and interiors accordingly with specific needs; at the same time these systems facilitate elements maintenance and replacement. Being an example of this, hang on facades, floated floors and stapled or fastened materials to guides, generates room and ducts for known and future technologies giving it flexibility and mobility.

As an example of a non closed architectonic concept, we can mention the recently open hotel, Silken Puerta de las Américas, at Madrid (( in which every level was designed by a different well- known architect. This example shows the importance of the generation of this system which provides multiple and varied concepts upon the same structure.

As an analogy, this system can be “dressed-up” accordingly with each specific situation, and at the same time discard its old outfit without undressing.

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