New Public Theatre in Xativa

New Public Theatre in Xativa

Arquitectos Ayala
Xàtiva, Spain
Project Year
Photo by Hisao Suzuki

National Contest First Prize

Arquitectos Ayala as Architects

When this contest was announced, we went up to the Mont Sant, near the old fortress, to see the chosen plot from above.

The large avenue called “Alameda” (or “Albereda” as it is called in Xativa) divides the old part of the city from the rest of the town. With a great difference of height between the “Albereda” and the back street (6m.) as the classical theatres were placed, the building was adapted to the different levels of the ground. At the back, there is the building of the music society.

Out of the buildings, at different heights, there are public stairs, ramps landscape areas and resting areas as an extension of the coffee shop, from where the people can see part of the old town, the mountains and the old fortress.

An Italian type theatre, with 800 seats, layed out in a single stand in such a way that it can be possible to get any seat from any access, from low or high floors. Theatre lovers not only come to see the the play but also to meet other people after and before the spectacle, to enjoy some exhibition in the intervals or just to chat while having a snack in the cafeteria.

We knew how to project and build a theatre, classical and traditional, like this one; essentially for this reason, we did not try to invent any volume that would not be appropriate for our purposes, but to build a unique large hall without spatial divisions, the most perfect acoustics and a wide visibility, in a humane and comfortable building.

Because of these reasons, we spent more of our time thinking about the building’s integration with the plot. The work of the preliminary project was to place the buildings in the plot in such a way that they seem to always have been there and also that the way from the higher street to the lower one was natural; descending sections of stairs or ramps where in each flight something different could be done: to sit on a bench to read; to have a soft drink; to chat with some children or some person or, simply, to think and rest enjoying the public garden.

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