Nièvre's Departmental Archives

Nièvre's Departmental Archives

Architecture Patrick Mauger
Nevers, France
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Cultural Centres
Didier Boy de la Tour

Nièvre's Departmental Archives

Architecture Patrick Mauger as Architects

The rundown building housing Nièvre’s departmental archives has undergone rehabilitation and been provided with an extension. Two new buildings are positioned in parallel with the existing rehabilitated building.

The first, giving onto the street, is slightly stepped back to create an esplanade marking the public nature of this institution. The façades are formed from screen-printed glass panels with different gradations and levels of transparency that create reflections and random vibrations.

The second building, providing an extension to the rear, is the archives preservation area and completes the existing archives building. The outer skin is formed from concrete panels of varying Burgundy stone tones. The edifice is insulated by a double skin complex of blocks providing thermal and hygrometric inertia, forming part of the project’s sustainable development approach.

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