Office M

Office M

takaomi yoshimoto + associates
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Kohei Yoshida

Office M

takaomi yoshimoto + associates as Architects

Renovation project that turns a wooden apartment into an office. Since it was their own office, we challenged to construct it independently. I drew the drawings as much as possible and immediately thought about it on the spot, and if it failed, I should dismantle it.


We thought about how to incorporate the findings into functions and designs in the limited space. Peeling off the existing tatami mats and floorboards revealed solid wood floor beams. As we proceeded with dismantling, we sat down on this floor beam and when we saw the staff resting, we thought about dropping the floor beam into a space on a furniture scale, replacing the cross floor beam with furniture and various places It was a device that produces.


The stool was designed so that it can be installed anywhere on the floor beam and can sit for a long time. I thought about how to reinterpret or reinterpret the object rather than simply changing the shape. The act of straddling the flow line may cause inconvenience, but I think that inconvenience also creates a new place to stay and time to stop and think.


Material Used :
1. Tilecarpet / V-75029-EA21 / ADVAN
2. Paint color / 55-70A
3. Chip urethane

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