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The family house is situated near a busy road Prazska ulica.

The land is located at two levels. The one is at the street level, the other one is at the garden level, approximately 3 metres higher.

The house concept is based on this characteristic of the land as well as on a vicinity of the busy road. An entrance atrium with a garage and a small home office covered with a green roof is located on the first floor.

The main residential floor is situated at the garden level and its shape creates a "protection" from the street and at the same time, it improves intimate atmosphere of the house. All residential rooms and bathrooms are oriented toward the garden with a possibility to enter it. As the house and garden overlap each other, garden becomes an active part of the inhabited space.

The angle roof offers inhabitants of the house new spatial experiences, creates new utility premises in the attic - for example a sleeping plateau in children’s rooms.

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Les Trèfles Primary School
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Les Trèfles Primary School

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Anderlecht, Belgium - Build completed in 2016
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